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Call accounts

These accounts are opened by individuals or institutions for payments and withdrawals, within the limits of their balance, for their management needs. These accounts bear no yield for either the bank or the client.

Investment Accounts

These accounts are opened by customers investors in order to invest their surplus capital on the basis of MUDHARABA (sharing in the return on investment). As a result, these accounts are not managed on the basis of a set interest rate. The holder of the account shares a part in the net profits generated by the investment of these funds in one or more given projects.
These accounts may be opened in either of two ways, as follows :

* Specific Investment Accounts

This procedure enables the depositor to invest his capital in a specific project chosen beforehand. A share of the dividends from the investment goes to the investor in accordance of the terms of the mudharba contract.

* Non-Specific Investment Accounts

Here a depositor empowers the bank to invest of the amount deposited in a number of. projects. Dividends are distributed to the investor in accordance same of the terms of the mudharba contract.





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